Check out the #1 Topless Waiters company – Helpful Hunks

Every hen’s party needs a little bit of sexy! Helpful Hunks Topless Waiters are the perfect amount of cheek, a little sexy and a little naughty. And most importantly, they will serve your drinks, play party games, take photos, and help to clean up at the end!

Our specialty is gorgeous male topless waiters, Helpful Hunks, that are dressed in nothing more than a bottom revealing apron, collar, cuffs and bow tie. Or if you prefer a little more mystery they can put on some stylish black suit pants, remaining tastefully bare chested.

All our Topless Waiters are chosen because they stand out from the crowd. They are not boring gym junkies with no personality!! They are very fit and athletic, super approachable and friendly and best of all, they are fun and know how to have a good time in any style of party! We have over 7 years experience have attended countless hens parties, birthdays, private parties and corporate events, and always get raving reviews!

And, don’t worry – Our Topless Waiters are not strippers, and the night will remain as tame and classy as you would like. But if you prefer to get a little crazy, our Hunks can definitely accommodate that too. They have plenty of Hens Party Games up their sleeves and can really get the party started!

Meet some of our super sexy, handsome Topless Waiters

sexy topless waiters mixing cocktails
strong handsome topless waiters for your hens party
Mickey topless waiter wearing an apron with a cocktail mixer
topless waiters Scotty, topless waiter wearing an apron, mixing cocktails
handsome toned topless waiters in melbourne
tattooed topless waiter in melbourne mixing cocktails at hens party
dark skin topless waiters at helpful hunks
topless waiter holding a bottle of champagne, topless waiters
topless waiters flexing muscles wearing bottom revealing apron

Cute, charming and a little cheeky. Our Helpful Hunks Topless Waiters are friendly, well mannered and charming guys who happen to be gorgeous and wearing nothing but an apron!

Watch our Handsome Topless Waiters in Action!