You’re Marrying That Topless Waiters

This is one of our favourite Topless Waiters hens party game ideas…it’s called: You’re Marrying That

For this hens party game you need to get your hands on the least flattering photo of the groom that you can possibly find. Give this photo to the bride to carry throughout the night.

It may be a photo of him when he was extremely unappealing, insane, drunk, tired, badly shaven, had a bad haircut, asleep with his mouth open or anything where he looks especially unattractive.

A codeword must be decided which will be a signal to the hen to show the photo to any stranger and say that he’s the man that she will marry.

The reactions of the strangers are priceless!

If she can manage this seriously without even a little hint of a smile whoever called out the code word must buy her a drink.

Of course, this hens party game works only when there are other people, preferably strangers, around. It can work in any public nightclub, restaurant or bar.


Topless Waiters Dancing Queen Hen

If you are hosting a Hens party where the guests loved to dance, Topless Waiters have the perfect game for you: the Dancing Queen Hen

Get all your Hens party guests into a circle with enough room for all to move freely.

Pick one of the hens to get into the middle and start the game off.

This lucky hen gets to create a dance move lasting one second long, using any part of her body. Each of the girls in the circle imitate the move in a ripple affect around the circle until it returns back to the starting girl. She then performs the move again this time adding another one second move onto it. These two moves move around the hens party circle one guest at a time until returned to the start again. This continues with an extra move being added to the beginning of each cycle.

If the hen gets the dance wrong then unfortunately she is out. This continues until the game is left with two hen’s battling it out, the last remaining being crowned the Dancing Queen.