Pin the Pecker on the Topless Waiters

This is our version of pin the tail on the donkey. Lets liven things up and add a little spark to this traditional game.

Props Needed: a make-shift penis cutouts and something sticky on the back!

Now, gather around girls and watch and laugh as we try and get things aligned. Our sexy Topless Waiters will get into position, about 2-3 meters away from the Hen. He must stand in this position and not move! Next, the girls are going to give the Hen her ammo, the sticky penis, blindfold her and spin her around 3-4 times.

Just sit back and watch as our Hen tries to remember where the Topless Waiters are and with one attempt tries and pins the sticky penis in the right position. Don’t worry, the Hunk is also not going to make it easy for her 🙂 A super fun hens party game and one that your topless waiters can get involved in too.


The Evil Peg – Hens Drinking Game

If a drinking game is on the card at your Hens Party, why not involve your Topless Waiters as well! Although this game can be a little sneaky and evil at times, it’s still a great hens party game that can go all night.

Although, it may seem juvenile and VERY simple, you guys will love it. Props Needed: One Peg

The topless waiter will start with the peg. His goal is to clip this peg onto another person, without them knowing. If he manages to clip the peg onto another person successfully, he will start a count down from 10, 9, 8… Everyone will start searching their bodies for the peg, as no one know who has it!! If the person with the peg finds it, they are safe and become the new Peg holder. If they don’t find it, then need to drink! If the person being pegged catching the pegger in the act, the pegger needs to drink!

The ultimate challenge is to Peg your topless waiter, but it’s not going to be easy as all he is wearing is a bottom revealing apron!!

Have fun!!