No Hands – No Topless Waiters Required

One of our all time favourite Hens Party Games to play with your Topless Waiters!! The ultimate challenge of skill and dexterity. Pops Needed – 1x Condom and 1x Cucumber or Banana

So we need to get everyone into a circle and the Hen in the middle. It would be ideal if the was a small table in the middle also. Now, place a condom in it wrapper on the table as well as a banana or cucumber.

The aim of the game is for the Hen to unwrap the condom and place it correctly onto the banana or cucumber. The only catch is that NO HANDS are allowed.

Watch and laugh as the hen works her magic to try and accomplish this task. This game will have everyone on the floor laughing!!


Dress Up the Topless Waiters

Another great team game for everyone to get involved! Props Needed – Toilet Paper

We need to divide the whole party into 2 teams. Each team must allocate a model. Now, with a 10 minute timer running, each time must try and create the most amazing wedding dress on the model, only using the toilet paper! See who is more creative, and who comes up with the best dress!!

At the end of the 10 minutes, the model must do a catwalk and is judged by your Topless Waiters. The winning team gets a prize! The losing team must DRINK!!