Forbidden Words

This is one of our favourite hens party games of all time. Our Topless Waiters can facilitate this game at your next Hens Party! It’s so simple and so effective and after about half an hour will have everyone in tears with laughter. No props needed for this one.

So, gather all the party girls into a circle with the Hen in the middle. Now, go around the circle and each hens party guest will choose one word each. Here is a list of good words to choose:

  • Hubbies Name
  • Wedding
  • Hen
  • Marriage
  • Party
  • Drink
  • Dress
  • The list goes on, be creative!

Now, the rules of the game are simple. If anyone says any of these words during the night and someone else hears them, they have to drink! So be very careful what you say and make sure you remember all the words because everyone will be listening! It’s amazing how forgetful everyone becomes after a few drinks, or while being distracted playing other hens party games.


NO Cross ‘n’ Point

This Hens Party Game is similar to Forbidden Words with a little twist. Instead of not being allowed to say certain words, the rules of this game say that you cannot do other certain things.

This rule can be applied by our Topless Waiters as a universal rule for the whole night. From the moment the rule is implemented no one is allowed to point their finger at anyone else or cross their legs! A very simple game, but after a few drinks, you will be amazed how many people make the mistake. Every time someone stuffs up, they have to drink!