Drop it like it’s a hot Topless Waiters!

A fantastic hens party game to get the laughs started with your Topless Waiters! All you need is 6 penis straws, a bottle of wine and a small prize of your choice.

Step 1: get all the girls to finish and empty the bottle of wine! 🙂 Easy!

Ok, so once the bottle of wine has been emptied, rinse it out and and place it on the floor. Get all the girls at the hens party into a circle around the bottle. The hen goes first, pick up the 6 penis straws and the aim of the game is to drop the straws into the bottle. But, the trick is, you are not allowed to drop the straws from any lower than your waist 🙂 For every straw that lands in the bottle, mark down one point. Make sure everyone has a go and at the end of the round add up all the scores.

The winner of the hens party game gets the prize!


Remember that time!

This one can be a little bit embarrassing for the hen, but definitely an awesome game to play after a few drinks with your Topless Waiters.

We need a post-it pad and a marker or pen.

Get everyone around in a circle, distribute one post-it to every girl in the hens party except the hen, she can relax in the middle of the circle. Now, get the girls to write down one embarrassing event, favourite memory or something naughty about the hen! When everyone has finished, put all the notes into a pile and get the hen to pick them up one at a time, read it out to everyone and try and guess who wrote it! If they guesses successfully the girl who wrote the note needs to have a drink, but if she’s wrong, the hen drinks! Try to not embarrass the hen too much!!