In the Sack with your Topless Waiters!

This is a brilliant game to play with your Topless Waiters during your hens party. It requires a little bit of preparation but is totally worth it! We need a non see through bag and the following items:

  • A cucumber
  • A carrot
  • A banana
  • Some kind of adult toy. If it’s got batteries, turn it on!
  • Golf balls or tennis balls
  • Maybe a pearl necklace
  • Condoms
  • Anything else you have that resembles a piece of the male anatomy!

Put all these items into the sack and get the Topless Waiters to blindfold the hen. Get everyone in a circle and let the hens party games begin!

While blindfolded the hen must feel the bag and guess all of it’s contents. For every correct guess, all her friend and family need to have a drink! But, for every incorrect guess, the hen needs to drink!

This is a fantastic party starter!!


Shag ‘n’ Pop

***Warning*** this game will get everyone very drunk so make sure the Topless Waiters get involved!

Once everyone has had a few drinks, this game is an absolute riot! All we need is a balloon to get started!

So, let’s get all the guests in a circle and the hen in the middle. Blow up a balloon and give it to her. Our lucky hen has 60 second to try and pop the balloon using a sex move!! Get creative and work those thrusting skills 🙂 If she manages to pop the balloon then everyone needs to have a drink. If she doesn’t manage then our lucky hen has to have a drink.

If you think you all have the energy, then go around the circle and give everyone a go. No doubt you will see some sex moves that you have never even thought existed. This hens party game is an absolute hoot and will definitely have everyone crying with laughter!