Handyman Hunks – Topless Waiters doing Handyman Work Topless!

 Do you need some help around the house? Our Helpful Hunks Topless Waiters are at your service, always smiling and at your beck and call to help with your household chores.

 It’s time for the ladies to sit down and put their feet up. Pour yourselves a glass of champagne, or we can pour one for you, but most importantly relax and enjoy yourself while we do the hard work for you, topless!

What services do Handyman Hunks Topless Waiters offer?

Cleaning up the mess

We are happy to vacuum, mop or sweep your house and even spray ‘n’ wipe your dirty mess. Our handsome Hunks also clean dishes and shower you with compliments while they do it too!

Trimming back your hedges

There’s nothing better than being in the great outdoors, topless, and giving the lawn a good mow! We also love to trim back your bushes and clean the pool while you relax and lay back on your day bed.

Mr build it

We will happily build your flatpack furniture (IKEA, FREEDOM, eBay), tables, chairs, shelves, BBQs and outdoor furniture, to give you more time to do the things that you enjoy.

Get rid of that

Need help de-cluttering your life, disposing of rubbish or unwanted heavy stuff? We can help! We will fill your bins and roll them out to the curb ready for collection.

Too high to handle

Some things are just out of reach. Lucky our Hunks are not! They are tall and gorgeous and they can help. We can change your light globes, hang picture frames and change smoke alarm batteries.

Random odd jobs

Do you have a never ending list of odd jobs that need attention around the house? Not to worry, just hire one of our Helpful Hunks and chill out. He will satisfy everything on your list.