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Why hire a Topless Waiter?

What’s a hen party without a little Topless Waiters male entertainment?
No, I am not talking about a celebrity look alike singer, busting out karaoke! I’m talking about our sexy, risqué and playful Helpful Hunks Topless Waiters to keep you and the girls entertained. Our topless waiters will come to you, at your home, apartment, hotel room or even bar […]

Topless Waiters now offer Handyman Hunks!

Helpful Hunks Topless Waiters now offering Handyman Services in Melbourne
We have amazing news! We used to only offer topless waiters for hens parties, but now Helpful Hunks are expanding. Our sexy, charming Helpful Hunks Topless Waiters can help out around the house too! So if you’re looking for a handyman with a bit of sex appeal then you […]

Topless Waiters Hens Party Games Part 6

Pin the Pecker on the Topless Waiters
This is our version of pin the tail on the donkey. Lets liven things up and add a little spark to this traditional game.

Props Needed: a make-shift penis cutouts and something sticky on the back!

Now, gather around girls and watch and laugh as we try and get things aligned. Our […]

Topless Waiters Hens Party Games Part 5

No Hands – No Topless Waiters Required
One of our all time favourite Hens Party Games to play with your Topless Waiters!! The ultimate challenge of skill and dexterity. Pops Needed – 1x Condom and 1x Cucumber or Banana

So we need to get everyone into a circle and the Hen in the middle. It would be […]

Topless Waiters Hens Party Games Part 4

Forbidden Words
This is one of our favourite hens party games of all time. Our Topless Waiters can facilitate this game at your next Hens Party! It’s so simple and so effective and after about half an hour will have everyone in tears with laughter. No props needed for this one.

So, gather all the party girls […]

Topless Waiters Hens Party Games Part 3

Drop it like it’s a hot Topless Waiters!
A fantastic hens party game to get the laughs started with your Topless Waiters! All you need is 6 penis straws, a bottle of wine and a small prize of your choice.

Step 1: get all the girls to finish and empty the bottle of wine! 🙂 Easy!

Ok, so […]

Topless Waiters Hens Party Games Part 2

In the Sack with your Topless Waiters!
This is a brilliant game to play with your Topless Waiters during your hens party. It requires a little bit of preparation but is totally worth it! We need a non see through bag and the following items:

A cucumber
A carrot
A banana
Some kind of adult toy. If it’s got batteries, turn it […]

Topless Waiters Hens Party Games Part 1

You’re Marrying That Topless Waiters
This is one of our favourite Topless Waiters hens party game ideas…it’s called: You’re Marrying That

For this hens party game you need to get your hands on the least flattering photo of the groom that you can possibly find. Give this photo to the bride to carry throughout the night.

It may be […]